Michigan Liquor License Connection

Whether you need assistance buying, selling, with violations or any other Michigan Liquor License compliance issues, we can help. The Michigan Liquor Control Commission ("MLCC") issues and regulates all Michigan Liquor License.

We can assist you with the sale or purchase of a Michigan Liquor License. If MLCC enforcement staff violates you or your Michigan Liquor Licensed business, we can represent you before the MLCC.

If you want to sell your Michigan Liquor License or a business with a Michigan Liquor License, we can help find a buyer for your liquor license or business. We'll prepare the sale, license transfer and closing documents, and monitor the transfer process with the MLCC as well as the local authorities.

We provide assistance with Michigan Liquor License renewals, transfers, permit applications and help with all other Michigan Liquor License contractual and regulatory matters. Of course, if you wish to purchase a Michigan Liquor License or open a business that needs a Michigan Liquor License, we'll connect you to the Michigan Liquor License you need, process your transfer application and help guide your business to its grand opening.